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In the current employment landscape, creating the perfect LinkedIn profile is vital. Our clients list all the right verbs, mention all the necessary skills, and list every accolade they’ve ever won in their LinkedIn profiles. Most importantly – they use the right profile pictures. Our LinkedIn Photographers help them create highly optimised LinkedIn profiles, and the results are amazing.

At Professional Headshots Melbourne, we provide premium-grade professional headshots. These headshots are optimised for LinkedIn and play a key role in helping our clients get the attention they deserve.

We have years of experience creating corporate branding campaigns. That’s why our LinkedIn photography services are designed to create customised branding campaigns for each client.

Our LinkedIn Photographers Know All About Platform Optimisation

Getting attention on digital corporate platforms is all about optimisation. The key to optimisation is understanding the target client. That’s why our LinkedIn photographers take a psychological approach to shooting profile pictures for the platform.

Numerous studies have confirmed that someone’s first impressions of you from a picture won’t change, even after they meet you in person. A potential recruiter should see your picture and think you look – approachable, professional, and recognisable.

Then, a self-fulfilling prophecy will come into action. The recruiter’s evaluations of you as a candidate will remain consistent with their impressions from your LinkedIn profile picture. That’s why our LinkedIn photographers –

  • Always emphasise creating premium-quality headshots.
  • We also take multiple head-and-shoulder shots; select the ones that convey a strong presence.
  • We offer recurring services. On LinkedIn, outdated images reflect poorly on a candidate or a company’s credibility.
  • Don’t let your pictures outgrow their relevancy or accuracy. Professional Headshots Melbourne is proud to have a strong team of returning clients. We offer highly affordable rates to our loyal customers.

Every twelve to eighteen months, we take updated and freshly optimised pictures for our clients. These pictures reflect the successes they’ve experienced during this period.

Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile Picture for Networking and Conversation

The companies and individuals that work with our LinkedIn Photographers always receive more profile views and connection requests. That’s because they work as per LinkedIn’s guidelines regarding profile optimisation.

  • Your profile will receive 21 times more views if you upload a top-quality profile picture.
  • Expect the number of direct messages from recruiters to increase.
  • Expect more connection requests every day.

Giving the Recruiters What They Want to See

The key to success in LinkedIn photography is understanding what your targets want to see. Companies sieve through LinkedIn profiles by checking details like skillsets, job roles, titles, etc. While narrowing the list down to suitable candidates, they avoid profiles with missing or low-quality pictures.

An inappropriate LinkedIn profile picture will give potential recruiters or partners a poor impression. That’s why at Professional Headshots Melbourne, our LinkedIn photographers take multiple headshots that signify professionalism and work ethics.

  • We work with hundreds of corporate professionals every year. Be it eliminating their camera shyness or making them look charismatic in front of the lens – we know all the tricks on how to make our subjects comfortable and confident in front of the lens.
  • We plan out lighting, background, wardrobe options, etc. days before the shoot.
  • If needed, we can scout out your surroundings and take “candid” shots.
  • Our shoots are designed to be free from – extreme temperatures, noise, surrounding activities, and other disturbances.
  • We ensure factors like direct sunlight, fluorescent lighting, or shadows don’t negatively affect your LinkedIn profile pictures.
  • We use the best background colours to bring out your best features.

We capture multiple waist-up, mid-chest up, head-only, and full-body shots. For each shot composition, our LinkedIn photographers apply the rule of thirds. This makes the shots very interesting. Our clients can easily pick and choose from all the pictures we take.

Partner with the Best LinkedIn Photographers Now

Everyone here at Professional Headshots Melbourne welcomes you to our state-of-the-art studio. Check out our latest lighting systems and brand-new cameras. We also offer super-fast turnarounds, so you can also get a quick shoot done! Create the most amazing LinkedIn profile with our images. Contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is A Business-like Photo Crucial For Linkedin?

A professionally taken headshot may convey a lot of information. Qualities like confidence, professionalism, and attention to detail that clients and employers value are all projected through these photoshoots.

Which Colour Clothing is Appropriate For Linkedin Photos?

Because they are easy on the eye and are unlikely to overtake the frame, solid and neutral colours are always effective. Dark neutrals like blue and black are contrasted with light neutrals like white and cream. You can always ask for recommendations from our LinkedIn photographers.

Do Photographs On Linkedin Matter?

According to studies, the mere presence of an image increases a 14% likelihood that someone will view your profile. As a fundamental component of your recruiter brand, your image is your first opportunity to create a positive impression on potential applicants.

Which Orientation is Ideal For a Linkedin Photo?

Maintain a straight posture and relaxed shoulders while standing. While slouching or hunching conveys uncertainty, this radiates confidence. Trust our LinkedIn photographers to guide you throughout the photoshoot thoroughly.

Can I Use a Selfie on Linkedin?

No. Selfies are rarely taken from a natural angle. Hire LinkedIn photographers without a doubt if you want to look professional on your profile page.


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