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We specialize in professional branding to help you seem your best, and we provide our reasonable costs together with headshots of professional quality. You may easily change your professional profile with our lightning-fast turnaround time. For gorgeous headshots in Melbourne for your websites, magazines, press releases, and social media accounts, contact our business photographers in Melbourne right now!


Professional Headshots Melbourne is committed to providing headshots for professionals throughout all sectors of the city. With years of experience shooting corporate headshots in Melbourne for all industries, you will be getting the best look that suits you for your career. Work with our corporate headshot photographers in Melbourne and allow them to ensure that you look professional in your way of reaching the goal.


Our professional Actor Headshots are shot in our photography studio in Malvern. With professional posing and working closely with you the client, our business photographers in Melbourne will help you achieve the right look you deserve. To keep up with industry standards, you need to look your best to get the role you have always wanted. Connect with us and see how our photographers use the background, your pose, your expression, and overall lighting to convey all the positive elements of your personality visually!

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What we offer

Not a photogenic person? No worries; we can create the most amazing headshot that you will be proud to share online! We at Professional Headshots Melbourne constantly strive to produce crisp headshots that can convey the reliability & consistency of our clients.

With us, you don’t need to go crazy about poses for professional headshots. Our photographers focus more on minimalist poses. After all, we are here to showcase your professionalism, not some bizarre poses!

Our corporate photographers in Melbourne offer exceptional photo sessions for you and your company, where you will feel comfortable and at ease. You will receive the greatest quality you pay for because every headshot is meticulously upgraded to the highest standards after your session. Modern lighting equipment and cameras for photography are installed in our state-of-the-art studio.

To help you make the most of your extraordinary qualities, we provide Melbourne headshots that are both unmatched in price and speed. So, if you are seeking a “headshots photographer near me”, look no further than Professional Headshots Melbourne! Connect with us to discover our latest deals & offers on professional, corporate, and actors headshots!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Any Photographer Capture A Good Headshot?

One type of portraiture is headshots. It is always recommended to go for a portrait photographer with specific knowledge in the entertainment industry in order to get a superior headshot. Professional Headshots Melbourne will be able to help you with this.

For Melbourne Headshot Photography, What Colour Works Best?

A safe choice if you are unsure about what to wear for a headshot is dark grey. The dark hue will seem classy and inspire intelligence and neutrality. You can also ask our photographers for suggestions on the most appropriate outfit.

How High of a Resolution is a Headshot?

Typically, photographers capture a 300 dpi, high-resolution image. They make sure the image is not its entire size in KB. Higher-resolution images are usually 1 MB or larger.

Is a Selfie Regarded as a Headshot?

No. A headshot is never the same as a selfie or an iPhone picture. Professional headshot photographers should always generate headshots. The procedure is much more than merely pressing a button on a screen.

What Might Make a Headshot Quality Poor?

It will appear as though you did not put much effort into your headshot if it has bad lighting, such as strong shadows, bright spots in the backdrop, or shadows under your eyes. Therefore, always resort to personal branding photography done by our professionals.

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